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HW Nov 7-11 2011

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Read & Record in Numbers Reading Log- 20 minutes





Read & Record in Numbers Reading Log- 20 minutes

Math: Sign and return math test 

LA: Finish Portfolio cover & have parent respond to your RR letter

Finish next chapter in Rules, start Guide 2

Unit: Healthy Brain Poster

Italian: see diary




Read & Record in Numbers Reading Log- 20 minutes

Math-Page 60, #1 b-h  

Spelling-Word Sort & Definitions

LA: Read next chapter in Rules  and work on your student guide 2

Italian: see diary





Read & Record in Reading log- 20 minutes (email to Mr. Guarnieri when finished)

Spelling-ABC order

Math-Finish Table Height graph and email to Mr. Guarnieri. Pg. 62 #3 a-g 

LA:Finish current chapter (pg-66-75) in Rules  and work on your student guide 2 

Italian: see diary





Spelling:Prefix/Suffix +/-

MAth-Email completed 5G Height Stats page

LA: Reading Response letter to Mr. Guarnieri

Finish Rules guide -2 and next 5 words in My Rules Dictionary

Italian: see diary 




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