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HW Sept26-30, 2011

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Read & Record- 20 minutes

Math: pg 21, a-c & pg 20, #1 a-h

Italian: Lab. di scrittura pg 95

Spelling: Puzzle (email me or print)-Study for spelling test

you can save your puzzle as a .pdf or take a screen shot (Mac only) and save (cmd/shift/4). The screen shot will save to the desktop.





Read & Record- 20 minutes

Math: pg 22, b-i

Italian: studiare le pag. 15 e 28.

Other: Prepare student council speeches





Read & Record- 20 minutes

Math. pg 25, c-f & pg 24 #2, a-f

Spelling-Word sort and definitions

Italian: Studiare pag. 29 (L'organizzazione dell'Impero) e svolgere sul quaderno l'esercizio "Leggo e imparo".

Unit: Home Energy Survey




Read & Record- 20 minutes

Spelling-Your choice of activity

Math-pg. 26, #1-4, a-c; Sunshine Math help session on Friday

Italian: Studiare pag. 30, 31 e 32. Completare gli esercizi a pag. 33. Ripassare pag.28 e 29.

Unit: Fossil Fuel Story







Spelling: Your choice of activity

LA: Reading Response Letter

Math: Sunshine Math sheet due Monday


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