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Talking Statues Exhibition

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Grade 5 Human Rights Defender Talking Statues Exhibition


Task: Research the life of a human rights defender. Develop a one- minute speech that describes the life, struggles and achievements of this person to promote and protect the human rights of others. Create a costume with props and make-up (if necessary) for you to portray your human rights defender in a Grade 5 Talking Statues Exhibition.


Information Seeking Strategies:

  1. Choose a human rights defender to research
  2. Create a list of questions to research about your human rights defender
  3. Make a list of the places you can find information about this person.


Location and Access:

          Locate your sources and find information about the topic.

          Record your information on a bibliography sheet. You will need three sources from at least 2           different types of media.


Use of Information:

           Record useful information in your unit book.

          Use a graphic organizer or web to help you.


Synthesis: Organize your information

         Develop a one-minute speech


Evaluation: Reflect on and judge what you have done

Did your speech highlight the life, struggles and achievements of the human rights defender?

            Did your costume, make-up and props add to your presentation?

            Use a rubric to grade your speech, costume and performance.




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