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Giulia Poems 2011

Page history last edited by 5ggiulia 12 years, 4 months ago

The Panda
By Giulia

Grade: 5G

So calm,
In his corner,
With his son,
Crouching under him,
Eating calmly,
Crunchy bamboo,
The son,
AACHUU! and then,
Relaxed again,
Like normal.



The Neighborhood

(Inspired by Robert Frost)


I'm going out to walk the dog
I'll only go around the park
When the sun will set it will be dark
I shan't be gone long you come too

I'm going out to the museum
I'll see the best painting there
Just to get some air
I shan't be gone long you come too








“ The Harvest ”

By Gulia Clara Espositi

Grade 5G

Ambrit Rome International School


Here comes the harvest play

Ready to do it all day

The best month is October

We don’t want it to be over


Hail don’t bring the emotion away

If you have to just do it the next day

The red nectar will be a pleasure

Let’s keep it safe as if it were a treasure


The taste of the wine will be fine

If the sun every day will shine

Touch that mushy grape

Before it turns the final shape


You smell that type of fruit

And imagine what’s inside the flute

We can hear the people sing

And finally here comes the spring.




Acrostic Poem


G- generous

I- intelligent

U- useful

L- lucky

I- imaginative

A- athletic


C- creative

L- loyal

A- artistic

R- respectful




School Music

Our School:


The sounds

The noises

Feat shuffling

People laughing

Slamming doors

Thumps on the floor

The keys jingling

People talking

People speaking

With the wind

The flags moving


People joking


People cuffing

My ears are popping

The noise so loud

Our school

These sounds





She is slower than the bees

She hops to the green leaves

Her big brown eyes is how she sees


The forest is were she lives

Her soft fear she always gives

Her nature is always positive



Just to say

By Giulia

( inpired by William Carlos Williams )


I have eaten

the cake 

that was in

the fridge 


and which 

you were probably





forgive me 

it was so sweet

so delicious

and so chocolaty




I enjoyed Sophia's poem because I understood what it talks about and the feeling she is expressing. It's a very intense poem that made me feel happy when I read it.



She's the One

By Tommaso Venditti

Her silky brown hair
That with a soft swoosh float into the air
And after that imperceptible moment they get back to normality
Her brown deep eyes 
That express her mood
When she's happy they twinkle like two bright stars
So they don't get dominated by her wonderful, joyful smile
Her nose as small as a pebble
As symmetrical as a square
Her personality; she never gives up
And when she doesn't understand

What's happening 
Her face so sad
You want to defend her with all your heart.


I saw that Tommaso is very good at writing poems and expresses his feelings very well. This is a poem that he did during his free time so I can see he is interested in poetry.


























Comments (3)

David Guarnieri said

at 8:20 am on May 10, 2011

Well done!

David Guarnieri said

at 3:25 pm on May 17, 2011

Keep up the great poems!

5gtommaso said

at 3:12 pm on May 18, 2011

Thanks Giulia!! >D

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