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Tommaso Poems 2011

Page history last edited by 5gtommaso 12 years, 11 months ago

The Yellow Dog

By Tommaso 


The yellow dog

He sees you

Runs rapidly

His tongue

Flying in the air

He jumps on you

You fall

Licks your face

Calms down

You run

He chases you

Gets you

You are done











By Tommaso 


I’m going to Pompeii

Going to see some sites

But then I’ll turn off the lights

I shan’t be gone long- You come too.


I’m going to have fun

I’ll explore the Roman time

Find out they didn’t have lime

I shan’t be gone long-You come too.



School Music

By Tommaso 


This school




Coming from up

Coming from down

Students laughing

Children crying

The never-ending


Of slamming doors




People going fast

People going slow

The scrib



Of the

Pencils on

The paper

An orchestra

Softer than


And harder

Than Hell

So swiftly

So violently

It enters

My ears

And never let’s go


The Crow

By Tommaso 

To Brandon Lee

Alone in the night you move

You that bring deads to life

Your eyes control everything

Wherever you fly it turns black

As black as the night you move

And observe everything.



Acrostic Poem








Sometimes sly

Order maniac


“Like Any Other Man”

By Tommaso 



 Having your life in my hand

Killing you or leaving you alive?

I’m just a man

Understanding is hard

How men can kill

Without feeling guilty

It makes me so furious

When I opened you

And from your little body

Came a CRACK

My heart stopped pounding


With the air that ran less and less

I worried and thought

“Why did I do this!”

In this room everyone is satisfied

While I feel guilty

I snatch your body from the table

And close you into darkness

In this moment I’m downhearted

But I realize you’re not that bad!

Bitterly I understand

I’m like any other man. 


“A Race”

By Tommaso 

Life’s a race

If you walk you’re going to loose

If you run you’re going to win

But the prize is the same

Because at the end of the race

Death attends everything.


Happy Ending

By Tommaso 

 People believe in happy ending

But when it doesn’t happen there is no way of mending

Feeling happy it’s my fear

Cause after you can’t help showing a tear

You think that nobody cares

And you hope it’s just a sequence of nightmares

The happy-meter goes down

And you want to leave the town


She's the One

By Tommaso 

Her silky brown hair
That with a soft swoosh float into the air
And after that imperceptible moment they get back to normality
Her brown deep eyes
That express her mood
When she's happy they twinkle like two bright stars
So they don't get dominated by her wonderful, joyful smile
Her nose as small as a pebble
As symmetrical as a square
Her personality; she never gives up
And when she doesn't understand

What's happening
Her face so sad
You want to defend her with all your heart.


This Is Just To Say

By Tommaso 

(Inspired by WCW)

  I have eaten

The Nutella

That was on

The Table

And which

You were probably



Your midnight snack

Forgive me

It was so milky

So sweet

And so soft



By Tommaso 

 Under the hot sun

Ants going up and downhill

So little but so strong


Bright Star 

By John Keats

Bright star, would I were stedfast as thou art-- 
Not in lone splendour hung aloft the night
And watching, with eternal lids apart,
Like nature's patient, sleepless Eremite,
The moving waters at their priestlike task
Of pure ablution round earth's human shores,
Or gazing on the new soft-fallen mask
Of snow upon the mountains and the moors--
No--yet still stedfast, still unchangeable,
Pillow'd upon my fair love's ripening breast,
To feel for ever its soft fall and swell,
Awake for ever in a sweet unrest,
Still, still to hear her tender-taken breath,
And so live ever--or else swoon to death. 


Comment by Tommaso: I like this poem a lot, he's a very good writer and he makes you understand how much he loved Fanny Browne. In the first line there is a strange word- steadfast- that means-fixed in direction; steadily directed: a steadfast gaze. It reminds me of two years ago when my sister recited a play talking with this old english so I didn't understand nothing, but now, after Ms. Shamash taught us a bit, I understand it.




By Federico Garcia Lorca


Dawn in New York has
four columns of mire
and a hurricane of black pigeons
splashing in the putrid waters.

Dawn in New York groans
on enormous fire escapes
searching between the angles
for spikenards of drafted anguish.

Dawn arrives and no one receives it in his mouth
because morning and hope are impossible there:
sometimes the furious swarming coins
penetrate like drills and devour abandoned children.

Those who go out early know in their bones
there will be no paradise or loves that bloom and die:
they know they will be mired in numbers and laws,
in mindless games, in fruitless labors.

The light is buried under chains and noises
in the impudent challenge of rootless science.
And crowds stagger sleeplessly through the boroughs
as if they had just escaped a shipwreck of blood. 


Comment by Tommaso: This is a bit macabre but I like it. From this poem I can understand that at those times (Spanish Civil War) the night was dangerous and it was dangerous going around the city at night, this is my opinion, if your opinion is different then comment! Lorca is very good in making you feel this and he warns you that the night is wonderful, but it can turn into a nightmare!!! But I like it because he's such a good writer! It reminds me of when I was little and I thought that killers would have entered my house and kill all my family... also that is a macabre nightmare for a six year-old child.


A Wonderful Story

By Tommaso 

Life is a wonderful Story


It s full of suprises and glory
The best thing that can happen in life is falling in love
Also kissing your beloved.
That happyness you feel while hugging her
And when she wants to brake up you deter
So everything returns to its place
And your life is filled with grace


Isn't It Difficult?

 By Tommaso 

Isn't it difficult

Needing to leave


Isn't it difficult


All of our mistakes?

Isn't it difficult


That this is just a dream?

Isn't it difficult

To forgive

 A person who ruined your life?

Isn't it difficult


Without making people sad?

Isn't it difficult


That nothing is easy in life?



By Tommaso

They say Joy is behind the corner

They say Joy is always there but you don’t know it

They say Joy actually doesn’t exist

This is what people say

But Joy is the thin line that divides


From loosing your mind

And ruining everything

Cause you can’t actually feel Joy

Joy is the normality of life

Because life is full of Joy

Because life is Joy


Doctor Clown

By Tommaso

You’re my doctor clown

Even if something

Is going bad

There is you

Always waiting for me

With your smile

That makes me feel better

That makes me forget everything

That makes me laugh

That makes me wonder

If you’re real

Or if it’s my mind

That creates you

So that I don’t suffer

So that I understand

That I’m not alone

You’re my doctor clown


Never Give Up

By Tommaso

An old man once told me “Never Give Up” 

I didn’t argue

But thought he was wrong

But now I know he’s right

Cause if you never give up

You’ll always win something

Maybe not what you wished for

At that moment, if you push to hard

For what you want

You’ll ruin everything

Accept your destiny

And you’ll be satisfied

Don’t do like me

And life will be easy;

You can choose the hard path

But the most satisfying

Or the easy one

The less satisfying

In this case

I chose the hard one.


Another Poem

I want to write another poem

With that I'll express myself

I'll tell the world how I feel

Hope they'll understand it's all real

I'll make them understand that I can give love 

Hope they'll appreciate my poem

I'll tell them how being trapped in the cage of love

Is wonderful, but at the same time horrible

I'll tell them of my travels,

Of the places I've been to

And of the places I've never been to

I'll tell them about how the world is falling down

And of how I'm falling down

I'll reassure them with my words

But at the same time I'll make them realize that

We are all so lonely

I'll feed them with my metaphors

I'll make them drink my soul

They'll learn how humankind  

Weakened the power of mother nature

And how she'll take revenge against us

Hope they'll appreciate my poem! 






Guys I'll stop updating the wiki, no one is reading it so I prefer opening a page on Fb, if you don't have Facebook too bad for you...

If you have Facebook then search for the page called "My Poems" I'm the creator, so there will be posted all of my 21 poems.





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David Guarnieri said

at 10:38 am on May 11, 2011

Well done!

5gtommaso said

at 2:58 pm on May 11, 2011

Thanks a lot! :D

David Guarnieri said

at 10:51 am on May 18, 2011

Wow! You have some great original poems! Keep writing!

5gtommaso said

at 3:05 pm on May 18, 2011

Sure, if events continue happening I'll continue!!

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