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Harvest Poems 2011

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All About Harvesting

By Quentin 


The whiplash scratched me

As boss shouted I want my money


It was me he was talking about

He was going to fire me no doubt


I worked as a cultivator

But I wanted to be a waiter


I got to tend my vegetation

Cause that’s the way we feed the nation


Now I’m getting on my feet

I got to go and tend my beet


In my Garden there are crops to reap

If I don’t pick them now they will not keep


I planted my crops each in a row

And weeded beds so the crops would grow


And not be strangled by the weeds

That germinate more quickly than seeds


Seeds I have planted, it would appear

Since my crops mature in one full year.  



by Livia P. 


That big bumpy bean  

growing under the sun   

is heavy and green      


Put a seed in the soil

it is out and growing          

a reward for your toil


It was very hot

and finally the day came

they were in the pot


Even if a bit gummy

I was very happy

They were very yummy


Harvest Poem

By Orsola 


Picking all

those fury beans

feeling proud

being satisfied


Touching all your bumps

just like a camel's hump

that crunchy sound

while opening up


Now tasting it

feeling guilty

that strange

and sour taste


Remembering when

I planted you

just like giving a life

and then taking it away


All our memories

when for the first time


you see that bean


Still feeling cruel

for what I did

but now

can't go back again


"Seeds" by Joshua

Inspired by William Carlos Williams


So much depends



the big green



with all the months

it takes


at the end they 

are good



By Sophia 


In the garden planting

don't worry seeds

he said

you will grow

from small

to big

from weak

to strong


your time

will come

like a fish needs water

and a

butterfly needs its wings

like a mother needs her daughter

and a

door needs a key

your time will come

all you have to do

is wait

he said

turning away

with a smile

on his face 



by Federico


Furry and green

Your taste is so keen

Long I have waited

To savor this fava bean


With cheese you're a delight

Alone you're a fright

Now it's time to harvest

I can't wait to take a bite


I can tell you one thing,

I feel like flying

As I taste the fava bean

I choke on it and now I'm dying













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