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collar description

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Tiger, Tiger   Ch. 3



Descriptive Paragraph



Caesar has requested all the finest craftspeople in Rome to create a collar for his daughter's pet tiger. To win the chance to make this collar, you must draw a picture of the collar and describe it in one paragraph. You should include the materials you will use, the dimensions and the price. 


(The basic unit of currency in Ancient Rome was the bronze coin called an as


sestertius, another bronze coin, was worth four asses. A silver coin, the denarius, was worth 16 asses.


There was also a gold coin in circulation, the aureus that had a fixed value of 25 denarii


At the time a Roman Soldier would be paid over two hundred denarii a year. 


A small sack of wheat cost half a denarius during Emperor Hadrian's reign. 


Your paragraph should begin with a topic sentence and be supported by 3-4 other sentences.


First make a list of:



Dimensions (Size)-



Then, create your topic sentence and use the info from your list to support it.



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