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Jiaqi NIMH 2011

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Vocabulary- List 20 words with definitions. Create a crossword puzzle, word scramble or matching game for other groups to complete.




2.    Literary Elements-Write one question for each of the following literary elements: setting, plot (events), characters and author’s language. Other groups will need to answer these four questions.

Setting= Where did Mrs. Frisby get captured?Mrs. Frisby got captured by Billy in the kitchen of the Fitzgibbons family!

Plot= Why did the rats free Mrs. Frisby?The rats freed Mrs. Frisby because if she wouldn't have come the Shrew wouldn't have let them move her house, also because her children were worrying!

Characters=Why do you think Mrs. Frisby didn't tell the children about their father? She did tell the children about the father at the end of this book, this question is wrong!

Author's Language=Can you find 3 similes and make up 2 of your own? Pg. 169 (near the end) -their floors almost as...-   Pg. 229 (half of the page)   - So on a day in May as worm as summer...- 

Pg. 209 (top of the pg) -"As well...."-   

My eyes are as dark as the night. 

I'm as tall as a tree.

I'm intelligent as a monkey! 




3.    Discussion Questions-Prepare a list of 12 discussion questions. These questions should involve explanations not one word answers. Other groups will need to choose 6 of these questions to answer.


3.Discussion Questions-Prepare a list of 12 discussion questions. These questions should involve explanations not one word answers. Other groups will need to choose 6 of these questions to answer.

2. Who does Mrs. Frisby meet inside the Rosebush?

When Mrs. Frisby enters the rosebush she meets Brutus. A very strong rat, that is the substitute guard. Justin wasn’t there because he is at a meeting.


3. How does Mrs.Frisby get to the library?

 Mrs.Frisby gets to the library because Nicodemus, Justin and Mr.Ages bring her there.  Mrs. Frisby met Isabella in the Library.She told Mrs. Frisby about the NIMH.




5. What happened at the marketplace?


 It happens that at the marketplace the rats were stole food from the there. However at the end humans get them and understand they were stealing food. Poor rats.



8. What do the rats do to Dragon? 

The rats put some sleeping powder in Dragon's food. So that Dragon won’t wake up. Mr. Ages gave the powder to Mrs.Frisby



10. What does Isabella tell Mrs. Frisby?

When Isabella entered the library she gasped and her papers fall on the floor because she didn’t seen her before. After a while she is ok. She also told Mrs.Frisby about NIMH and Jonathan Frisby.




12. When Mrs. Frisby goes to the Rosebush what is the first thing she notices about it?

The first thing Mrs. Frisby notices about the rosebush is. How big and tall is it. What is it made of.








4.    Project Area-Create a list of 5 possible project suggestions related to the story. The choices could include creating a poster, model, research project, poetry, writing a letter, creative writing, or a developing a skit or interview. Students will choose one of these activities to complete.



5.    Short Quiz- Create a 5 question multiple choice quiz for your section. Each of the questions should have 4 possible answers. Keep an answer key to later grade the quizzes that other groups take.


1) What does Mrs. Frisby do to heal Timothy?

a) get corn

b) go to Mr. Ages

c) give him medicine

d) both b and c


2) What sickness does Timothy have?

a) pneumonia

b) cold

c) fever

d) cancer


3) What did the owl suggest to Mrs. Frisby?

a) stay in their house

b) go to the rats

c) trying to make Timothy walk

d) the owl didn't know


4) What does Mr. Ages give to Mrs.Frisby for Timothy?

a) grass

b) some kind of food

c) medicine

d) nothing to do with food 


5) When Mrs.Frisby goes to Mr. Ages what is she afraid of ?

a) the grass is to high so she can't see where she is going

b) the birds

c) the cat

d) get lost


1. What did Isabella think of Mrs. Frisby?

That she was...


a. a human

b. a friend

c. a spy from NIMH

d.  her mother



2. Who is Brutus?

a. a pig

b. a substitute guard

c. a mouse

d. Mr. Fitzgibbon son



3. Who is Dragon?

a. a very good friend of Mrs. Frisby

b. a cat

c. a boy

d. a rat



4. What did the owl said to Mrs. Frisby?

a. stay here and have tea

b. go to the rats

c. let Timothy die

d. I don't care about your son sickness



5. Who was Mrs. Frisby's husband?

a. Micheal Frisby

b. Bob Frisby

c. Jonathan Frisby

d. Richard Frisby




Chapter 15 (In the Cage)

1. Why did the men in the white suit capture the rats?

a) to kill them so they would stop stealing food 

b) to experiment on them 

c) to kill them because they don't like rats 



Chapter 16 (The Maze)

What where the rats given when they went the wrong way in the maze? 

a) they got burnt 

b) there was water on the floor so they would slip 

c) electric shock 

d) spiks came up so they got hurt 


Chapter 17 (A Lesson in Reading ) 

What did Mr. Schultz say about the injections the rats were having?

a) the injections might make the rats die 

 b) the injections didn't effect the rats

c) the new injections might make there life longer

d) the injections might have damaged there brain 


Chapter 18 (The Air Ducts)

What did the rats use to not forget how far they got?

a) they left stones on there way 

b) they used red thread

c) they left a row of left over food 

d) they used some strips of paper 


Chapter 19 (The Boniface Estate)

Where were the owners of the house ?

a) on a vacation 

b) on a honeymoon 

c) on a business trip

d) at the hospital to recover from a surgery 


Chapter 20 (The Main Hall) 

What were the rats going to do that night?

a) move to another house

b) stay outside and wait for the rats to move their house

c) go outside and see if Timothy could walk 

d) go all together to show the rats Timothy's conditions


Chapter 21 (The Toy Tinker)

What did the rats find in the truck next to the old man?

a) old toys and small tools

b) old pieces of the truck

c) rotten food

d) nothing                                              





1) How does Mrs. Frisby get caught?

a) a boy caught her.

b) a bird caught her.

c) she fell into a portal.

d) Bill's mom caught her.


2) When  does Mrs. Frisby get caught?

a)when she was putting powder in the cats bowl

b) she was walking around

c) she was getting chased by something

d) she wanted to see the cat


3) At the end how does Timothy feel?

a) sick

b) better

c) worse 

d) dead

4) What did the boy use as a lock for the cage to trap Mrs. Frisby

a) little wire rings

b) a steel lock

c) stainless steel lock

d) titanium lock


5) What animal was arguing with the rats saying they can't move Mrs. Frisby house?

a) a bug 

b) a bird

c) a shrew

d) some crazy mouse




All ****All individual guide work should be on your Individual Student Work page (below). The completed assignments for all sections of the book are due on February 11. The projects will be presented the week of February 14.



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