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Joshua NIMH 2011

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Vocabulary- List 20 words with definitions. Create a crossword puzzle, word scramble or matching game for other groups to complete.



2.    Literary Elements-Write one question for each of the following literary elements: setting, plot (events), characters and author’s language. Other groups will need to answer these four questions.

Literary Elements CH 1-7


1. Setting- Where was Mrs.Frisby hiding when she was watching Mr.Fitzgibbon?  Inside a hollow pole. Listening to how many days she had left to move house because timothy was sick.I think she did not want to die because of the plow 

2. Plot- What do you think the rats were doing with the wire?I think they were bringing it to the rosebush so they could have some more electricity lines. They were in some way stealing it fromMr. Fitzgibbon. They were raising his electricity bills!!

3. Characters- Why does the cat sleep and does not run after Mrs.Frisby? Because Mr. Ages put sleeping powder in Dragons bowl. Dragon is a vicious cat that has to keep the rats and mice away from the farm. I think he is not doing such a good job!! 

4. Author's language- List one example of personification and one example of onomatopoeia you think were interesting in chapters 1-7. 'The last thumbnail of sun' personification on page 45.

'swoosh' onomatopoeia on page 46. A personification is when you turn a  something that seems a person is doing it. Onomatopoeia is the sound of a word like hissing or swoosh or  


Discussion Questions ch 15-21


1. Why do you think Mr.Jonathan Frisby didn't tell Mrs.Frisby about the plan?

2. Do you think it is right that scientists experiment on animals?

3. How would you feel if you were a rat at NIMH?

4. Do you think the doctors care about the health and safety of the rats?

5. Do you think animals should be kept in zoos?

6. How did becoming smarter change the rats?

7. What was Dr.Shultz a scientist or a neurologist? Dr. Shultz was both neurologist and scientist. A neurologists a person who studies the brain. A scientist is a person who does experiments and stuff like that.

8. When Nicodemus was saying,on page 113,''When I touched my feet to it, a terrible, prickling feeling came over my skin, my muscles cramped, my eyes blurred and I got instantly dizzy.'' What do you think the scientists were doing to Nicodemus?

9. When Justin escaped from his cage, what was he trying to do?

10. Why was the Boniface Estate a perfect place for the rats to stay?

11. How did Mrs.Frisby get out of the cage? And the last question, but not least,


12. Will that rats escape from NIMH?


Short Quiz CH 8-14



1. What did Isabella think of Mrs. Frisby?

That she was...


a. a human

b. a friend

c. a spy from NIMH

d.  her mother



2. Who is Brutus?


a. a pig

b. a substitute guard

c. a mouse

d. Mr. Fitzgibbon son



3. Who is Dragon?


a. a very good friend of Mrs. Frisby

b. a cat

c. a boy

d. a rat



4. What did the owl said to Mrs. Frisby?


a. stay here and have tea

b. go to the rats

c. let Timothy die

d. I don't care about your son sickness



5. Who was Mrs. Frisby's husband?


a. Micheal Frisby

b. Bob Frisby

c. Jonathan Frisby

d. Richard Frisby



Short Quiz Ch 1-7



1) What does Mrs. Frisby do to heal Timothy?

a) get corn

b) go to Mr. Ages

c) give him medicine

d) both b and c


2) What sickness does Timothy have?

a) pneumonia

b) cold

c) fever

d) cancer




3) What did the owl suggest to Mrs. Frisby?

a) stay in their house

b) go to the rats

c) trying to make Timothy walk

d) the owl didn't know


4) What does Mr. Ages give to Mrs.Frisby for Timothy?

a) grass

b) some kind of food

c) medicine

d) nothing to do with food 


5) When Mrs.Frisby goes to Mr. Ages what is she afraid of ?

a) the grass is to high so she can't see where she is going

b) the birds

c)  the cat

d) get lost



Short Quiz CH 15-21


Chapter 15 (In the Cage)

1. Why did the men in the white suit capture the rats?

a) to kill them so they would stop stealing food 

b) to experiment on them 

c) to kill them because they don't like rats 



Chapter 16 (The Maze)

What where the rats given when they went the wrong way in the maze? 

a) they got burnt 

b) there was water on the floor so they would slip 

c) electric shock 

d) spiks came up so they got hurt 


Chapter 17 (A Lesson in Reading ) 

What did Mr. Schultz say about the injections the rats were having?

a) the injections might make the rats die 

b) the injections didn't effect the rats

c) the new injections might make there life longer

d) the injections might have damaged there brain 


Chapter 18 (The Air Ducts)

What did the rats use to not forget how far they got?

a) they left stones on there way 

b) they used red thread

c) they left a row of left over food 

d) they used some strips of paper 


Chapter 19 (The Boniface Estate)

Where were the owners of the house ?

a) on a vacation 

b) on a honeymoon 

c) on a business trip

d) at the hospital to recover from a surgery 


Chapter 20 (The Main Hall) 

What were the rats going to do that night?

a) move to another house

b) stay outside and wait for the rats to move their house

c) go outside and see if Timothy could walk 

d) go all together to show the rats Timothy's conditions


Chapter 21 (The Toy Tinker)

What did the rats find in the truck next to the old man?

a) old toys and small tools

b) old pieces of the truck

c) rotten food

d) nothing                                                                                                                                            








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