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Livia P Three Minute Fiction 1

Page history last edited by David Guarnieri 13 years, 8 months ago

Livia P. Story


            Some people swore that the house was haunted. It was very dirty, broken and messy. Two little kids walked by, but they were too scared. While they were still trying to find the courage to go in, four other kids rushed in and slammed the dour shut. 


            Andrew was only 9, Sarah 13, David 17 and Morgan 21. In the house, the four kids discovered lots of secret places, strange things and weird noises: a mirror that reflected somebody else's face (who knows whose!), bats that could not fly, singing skeletons, ink spitting butterflies, dogs that meowed and cats that barked!


            Andrew even discovered a button that said: DANGER! FOR EMERGENCY ONLY. He was going to push it when Morgan came and said, “Stop it!  If it says DANGER, it means DANGER!!”


            But he didn’t listen. He pressed the button and the house started to shiver and then it flew up. But not only that happened, their faces turned green, they were transforming!


            Nothing was ever the same again after that.


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