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September 13-17

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Spelling: Word Sort & Definitions

LA: Read & Record-30 min.

Math: pg. 13, a-f






Spelling: Story, Story

LA: Read & Record-30 min.

Math:page 14, #1 & 2, b-f

Italiano: Studiare le parti sottolineate sulle fotocopie di geografia.





Spelling: Colorful Words
LA: Read & Record-30 min.

Math: pg. 19, a-j & pg. 18, #1 a-e only

Italiano:Rileggere il racconto a pag. 20-21 e svolgere gli esercizi a pag. 21 del libro "Dieci e Lode".






Spelling: Word Puzzles- Make a word puzzle online using all of your spelling words.  Print out a few extra copies for your friends to do in class!    http://www.crosswordpuzzlegames.com/create.html

*If you are unable to print, save as a PDF file and email to me as an attachment. Or put the PDF file on you USB memory stick and bring to school. Or just show puzzle to someone at home and have them sign your spelling journal.


LA: Read & Record-30 min.

Math: Pg. 21, #1 a-i and pg. 20, #1 a-i

Italiano:Il Piemonte (pag.105) studiare ed evidenziare gli elementi fisici sulla cartina.


Unit: Think about kites




Italiano: Il Piemonte: studiare pag. 106 e 107 e ripassare pag. 105. Saper spiegare.





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