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Ludovica TMF 2

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Susanna and the old book


This story started during a summer vacation, when Susanna went to her grandmother’s house on the beach. Every morning and afternoon she used to get shells with her granny and some other children. When they had enough shells they’d make necklaces, bracelets and some frames. Practically she spent the majority of the day on the beach except when at lunch she returned home to eat and then back immediately to the beach.

One day, her grandmother was invited to one of her friends’ house. Susanna was left alone in the house, considering that she was thirteen, so big enough to stay home alone for a little while. Unfortunately she had no idea of what to do, since she didn’t want to go out that day because she liked the silence in the house, it was relaxing.  Susanna then decided to look around the house and see if there was something for her to do. Finally she found a small room right near the stairs, it was a library. She didn’t know what book to get, but all of a sudden one got her attention: it was big, purple and had strange patterns on the cover. It was an enchanted book… she took a chair in order to reach it and once in her hands she found out it was very very old as it was full of dust. She was so curios, she couldn’t wait to read it.

Time goes by, her grandmother returned and Susanna didn’t even notice just until she heard her calling her name.  “Granny! I’m here in the library, you can’t even imagine how happy I am, I found this amazing book…” Susanna said. In fact she was happy, she loved the book and couldn’t stop reading it.
The day passed by, but Susanna still continued reading that book. She never did the things she loved to do before. It was very rare that she was seen outside with her grandmother and friends. The book was her priority now; she just wanted to read it.

The vacation was nearly ended but Susanna was still in the library and reading that book. She became obsessed and begun treating badly everyone that interrupted her…and the day came, the day for Susanna to go back home. All her stuff was already packed waiting her outside the door. Then finally after a month she got out again, she sat down eyes staring at the sea and the book in her hand. All of a sudden she remembered how much she loved playing on the beach and collecting shells, only in that moment she realized that summer was over and that she wasted it. So she promised herself that this would never happen again since she will fully enjoy her future summer holidays playing all day.

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