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Virginia tmf2

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                                                                                                  THE MAGIC BOOK



He had warned her about the book. Now it was to late.


It had been a very stressful night: after her birthday party her uncle was convinced that the book that Andrew had given her was magic. She really liked Andrew and wasen't going to throw a preasent he had given her only because he said so.

She was packing up for a new adventure, reading the "magic" book, she wanted to emerge in the story. When she opened the book, though she was disaponted: it was blank. She turned the pages, nothing changed, all blank! At the end of the book she found a note that said it was a journal, a journal, strange: when she had opened it it seemed a book.

The next day she went to school and had a test, but she haden't studied. She opened her bag and took out her journal. She wrote: "I wish that my teacher woulden't make me do the test." Then, underneath, she drew her, like a popstar, and drew her teacher that woulden't make her do the test because she was a pop star. She put it back in her bag and stood up, infront of her was the hottest guy on earth: Andrew. He stared at her for a while and then continued his way to class.

 After everyone had went to class she took out her journal, but before she could write anything, she felt something on her shoulder and turned around to find the  principal staring at her, she pointed to a door and asked her to follow him. She followed him in the room while he went to look for something, during that time she wrote in her journal "I would like that  the principal was sweeter". Under he drew his principal that was sweet and that didn't put her in detention because she was a pop star. In the next page she drew her as a pop star marring Andrew. In another page she drew her with around money, millions of tickets of money. After that, the principal returned to the room with a big book and millions of sheets: those were her homework if she didn't want to repeat the year. Being late in class was a drama! And she was sick of it!

She thanked the principal and went off to the garden. She sat down and started crying. The point was that she didn't know why she was crying. After 5 minutes of crying her tears turned into a note that said: open your journal and say I'm tiered of my life now I want to change it. She opened her journal and said what she was supposed to say and she was in her journal!

She was a pop star, she was married to Andrew, the teachers were all nice to her and she was rich! What would she want more? The answer to that question she got a few hours later. She had no friends, no family, just a jerk: Andrew. She begged god to go back in time and would have listen to her grandfather. But she hadn't, it was all her falt. She hated Andrew, she hated herself. Why, why did she did that? She missed a lot of people, but she had renounced to them for Andrew. So she decided to do something. She went in the jungle in front of a lion and...killed herself. She was nothing without the people who really loved her. She was no use. So she killed herself. But she didn't actually kill herself. She found herself in the garden of the school! 




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