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Emma three minute fiction2

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She had warned me about the book, but now it was too late. It all started, when my rather unfortunately named teacher Mr Bottomless, had given us a holiday journal to write. He told us to collect as many things as possible and place them in our journals. I had always been interested in writing stories, journals and collecting things, so this was an enjoyable assignment for me. I had spent a great amount of my time over the summer collecting all sorts of things for my journal like porcupines’ quills, pressed flowers, feathers and even a hedgehog jaw! I couldn’t wait to show all of my friends back at school. My mum kept reminding me about keeping my journal in a safe place so that I would not lose it. Actually, my mum always reminds me to put my things in their place, because them my room will look a mess and I won’t be able have my friends over.  Well that is what my spotless, cleaning- obsessed mum thinks! I think my room looks lovely and I have a system for everything!

When I wasn’t writing my journal, I played with my 5 year old dog Biscuit. She was 3 months pregnant at the end of July so I was so excited! Only 2 more months and the house would be full of new born, naughty, playful puppies! It was only 1 week until we left to go to England where I would see my grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins etc. I knew we would have fun, but I did not want to leave Biscuit behind. I reminded my dad around 20 times before we left to take care of Biscuit and to call if she had puppies and to not name them until I got back. My father rolled his eyes sarcastically but agreed that he would call us if anything happened to Biscuit and that he would take care of her like he takes care of me.

 Although my cousins and I were always having fun, I could not get Biscuit off my mind. Three questions whirled round in my head like a tornado. Has she had her puppies? Is she alright? Does she miss me? Over and over the questions tumbled in my head. I found myself not hearing people talking to me because these questions were so frequent and disturbing. When at last we only had 4 more days until we returned to our house in Turkey, I calmed down a bit as we were going to be home soon with Biscuit so that we could comfort her. That was until my dad called from home and told us that there were seven tiny puppies but 1 had died. I was so excited that I didn’t even want to stay the four days more and my grandparent’s house. All I could think about now was keeping all of them in my room for the rest of my life. We finally returned to Turkey, where my dad met us at the airport and I questioned him for the whole way back. When I saw them, I loved them all to death and wanted to keep them all. In 2 days I would go back to school and I could not wait to write the most exciting thing that happened throughout the whole summer in my journal. I went to the place where I could have sworn I left it, but it was not there. I turned round to see the remains of my journal in the soggy jaws of what had been my favourite puppy.  

Comments (6)

5gsamira said

at 9:37 am on Jun 9, 2010

cool story! Even though I haven't actually read it...

5gemma said

at 9:38 am on Jun 9, 2010

It is about a dog who eats the

5gsamira said

at 9:40 am on Jun 9, 2010

oh. ok. Sounds interesting. I can't wait until you read it out to the class.

5gemma said

at 9:40 am on Jun 9, 2010

yep every one wrote that the book does something spooky

5gsamira said

at 9:41 am on Jun 9, 2010

Yes. Thats what mine is about. I'm gonna check out the middle school wiki.

5gemma said

at 9:42 am on Jun 9, 2010

me too

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