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David TMF 2

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The Book and the Strange Wardrobe



     He had warned him about the book. Now it was too late....


     Day after day Lucas read the book as if there was no tomorrow. He did not want to stop. He loved the book and wanted to treasure it forever, but  every once and awhile he could remember a friend of his saying do not read the book it could be very dangerous to all of us.


     Since Lucas began reading the book, his teachers noticed that he was not concentrating on his school work. Also since reading the book, Lucas was suffering from minor stomach aches. He was not sleeping normally as he usually did. It was clear that the book was having an affect. Could it be that no one was noticing? Did Lucas himself even notice?


     Lucas, when he got to sleep always dreamt about the book about the wolfs,the witch and the lion. He wanted to be in it no matter what.The book went on and he thought that he had almost fineshed, but still the pain in his stomach became severe at night.


He was suddenly fascinated by lions to the point where he was visiting the zoo to catch a glimpse of a lion in a cage sat there and stared at it , almost motionless.Lucas was now obsessed by the book he felt a mix of fear and excitement at the same time but he had no one to share this with because they would think its a joke or that he was crazy. The excitement and need for adventure take over Lucas is seriously thinking about opening that locked door in his attic. He had never seen that opened and it was never mentioned almost as if it did not even exist. In his mind he was comparing the attic door to that magical door in the book. He needed courage to go in and see the beauty behind the attic door. The following day after school he wanted to go inside but his fear was stopping him he only went half way up the stairs to the attic. A few days later Lucas went up all of the flights of stairs but the he said no to the temptation of opening the door.

The week after he finally went all the way up the stairs, picked the lock, opened the door ,and went inside . At first he did not see anything and then something pulled him inside and he was forever trapped in the world of the book. No one ever saw Lucas again. He had been warned...

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David Guarnieri said

at 11:30 am on Jun 1, 2010

I like the way you tie the beginning and the end together. Please go back and fix punctuation, spelling and grammar. You have many mistakes that need fixing. Also change your word "effect" to "affect" in the beginning of the story. You may also want to indent your paragraphs

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