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Chiara TMF 2

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                                                                  MY GRANDFATHER'S BOOK


He had warned her about the book. Now it was too late...............


Today at school we talked about the past how our grandfathers and grandmothers lived, so we had to bring an album of photos of our grandfathers and grandmothers. I looked through my grandfathers books, I still didn't find nothing interesting but at a  sudden I found a book called "The Magic Book". On top of it it said "do not open" but I couldn't resist the title seemed so catchy so I opened the book and out of the book came three carnivurous plants and they began to catch me. I didn't know what was happening but it was too late, the book didn't close. I was trapped in the book......I opened my eyes, I found myself in a forest near a river and I heard a voice calling me "Stella, Stella, Stella" I turned around and there was an old man with grey hair. He repeated my name with my last name "Stella Olson?" I responded "Yes" then he said "I'm Will Olson, your grandfather!" Then I recognized him and went to hugg him "I missed you so much", "Me too". We went to sit near the river bank and asked him a question "When mother told me you died in a car accident, that wasn't true you were stuck in the book?" "You are right, I never died, I'm stuck in the book and I don't know how to get out". "You mean there is no way out?" "I'm afraid, there is not". "But I want to go home to my mother and I also want to live with you". My grandfather had an idea. He knew the guy who sells books, we went to him and asked him "The Magic Book". He had it so we looked into the book and it said "If you want to get out of the book you have to say goodbye to a person you really love" so we looked at each other and my grandfather said "If you leave the book I will die, If I leave the book you will die". "You go!" said my grandfather "you have all your life, I've done mine". "No, I won't let you die, I will stay here with you". "No, you go to your mother, she must be worried". "I decided, I stay here with you " then I hugged him. I domanded myself "will I ever get out of the book when my grandfather will be dead?."........... 


                                                                        THE  END

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