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The Death Machine!!


It was my birthday. I was going to be 17 years old.


There was a bag  full of weird looking presents. It was time for the cake but there were several flies buzzing around. I blew out the candles but they were trick candles  so I left the cake alone. Emily my sister put out the candles. I ate the candy and  my tooth hurt  

they were  as hard as a button. Its time for the presents. Emily said our parents set up every thing for us. The  first  present was a basketball, “great I really wanted one.”

 The next present was a massive book of world war two “I love this”. “ Best birthday day ever.” It was time for the last present...it was a plant “why a plant?” I said sarcastically”. “What made you think I wanted one?” Dad said “we want you to like nature more”. Get your head out of games once and a while. So I thought taking care of a plant might get you interested in nature.”


The plant didn’t look like any usual plant I’ve seen with its razor blade points and a hole on top. “ It’s a very strange plant I said where did you get it? “In a brand new shop I found just  around the corner”. Just then I noticed that one of the flies buzzing around the cake landed by the hole on top of the plant. I said how peculiar a plant“. I don’t like plants that look really strange”. Well

nothing to worry about after that I said to my mom and dad i would take the plant and water it. Before that it started growing I was totally unprepared i did not know what was happening. It started to freak me out. I panicked called mom, dad and Emily to come

look and try to kill it but something made my heart skip a beat . It opened its jaws and

snarled. I gazed at it in a brief way and said “is it just me or is it trying to eat me?”

My family on the other hand glanced at the strange creature. The thing looked 

fierce,scary and creepy. I was too scared to even move,even my family didn’t

move. Suddenly,the plant shot after me. It bit my  knee joint very, very violently.

I was sobbing when a stupid dumb fly came up and sucked my blood. It hurt.

I thought it was  broken and that it was going to be the end of me. Finally, I screamed to Emily “get the big axe!”. “All right!” she said,a few minutes later it ate my parents “oh no

why did he have to eat are parents’’ she cut the stem of but that wasn’t enough it just grew back hire and fiercer “Ahh” the plant bit my arm I was getting  a little cranky.I was getting angrier so I grabbed the axe from Emily’s flexible arm and cut the head as hard as I could. The head drops but it’s not enough it just duplicated again and again. I  was so frightened so I ran towards it. Its jaw was open so I punched him in the mouth  and jaw. He could not move his jaw so apparently I broke his jaw and he got angrier and attacked. the plant was going nuts.  I had the biggest idea ever, I was going to try ripping out his roots and cutting his water circulation. The plant tried snapping but all that came out was a big “SNARL”. I was pretty scared. I got my shovel and dug as fast as I could. A few minute later I finally did it, but not all the way. I got the beginning of the roots and got the axe and cut it all off. Emily distracted him she looked at me to see if  I was okay and she turned to the plant and she found him dead. 


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