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Page history last edited by 5gvirginia 13 years, 10 months ago


  WHY ME? 


     It all started the day of the earthquake, everything changed, my mother had vanished. I always ask myself :”why me?”

     Now my dad’s coming, someone I haven’t seen from when I was 3 years old. I hope he  has a good present for me. But the present wasn’t actually what i call “exiting’’. He gave me a gold button, I liked the color, but what should I ever do with a button? Then he told me it belonged to my mother and I understanded why he gave it to me. He also told me that he had another suprise for me: he’s coming to live in Miami with me!

     WHY ME?

     HELP ! Do I  have to live with a stranger? He immediately saw the expression on my face and reminded me he is my father.

I spent all night looking at the button, but I still couldn’t understand what it had to do with my mom and my family.

     The next morning my father Charlie brought me to a museum of plants!

Guess what, he wanted to bring me trick or treating the night of Halloween! It’s something kids of 5 years do and i’m 14 for god’s sake!

     WHY ME?               

     One day, when I was on a field trip with my friends, I turned around and saw him! I was about to shout at him and tell him to go away when he told me… that my mother was alive and wanted me to help him find her! The first place we looked for her was in Kelly's house, her best friend, then in the main roads, in the shops and even in the sewage, but there was no sign of her.

         We were about to give up with the search when someone came out of a bush near our house, someone that looked familiar, someone I was sure I had already seen...my mother. I ran to hug her and when  I was hugging her I felt like flying, until…I remembered the button, I took it out of my pocket and gave it to her.

     Immediatly there was a flashback: my family was sitting in the living room when a  button appeared with an inscrition: CHARLIE+JIULIA.

      I took the button in my hand and looked for the letters, now you could barely see them.I was so happy to hug both of my parents together.

         Unfortunatly time came for dad to go back to Washington DC, but I wanted to go with him, I didin’t want to see my family separated another time.

         I got my mothers hand and draged her to the kitchen. I begged her to return with my father, and she coulden’t say no to me. I rushed outside in the garden to find a car going midwest. I ran after him but it was too late, I was thinking and thinking but no idea popped in my head, so I got my money savings and I called a taxi, I was going to Washington, DC.

     I arrived at the airoport to late, I had to give up, all would have turned to normal, this was our destiny. I suddently felt something on my shoulder: my Dad! I couldn’t believe he was there, I starter to stammer. He brought me home, my family was back together at once.

         I always asked myself why me? But now I understand why everything happened to me: it all happened because my destiny wanted me to find my Dad and be happy with all my family together.

At the end I can say it worth it.feegtyuyu


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Comments (3)

David Guarnieri said

at 7:06 pm on Apr 10, 2010

Nice story Virginia! I like your opening line and how you use the button in the story. Please copy your story into Word and fix some of the spelling mistakes. Remember not to hit return when you type unless you want to make a new paragraph.

5gvirginia said

at 4:10 pm on Apr 13, 2010

ok i'm doing it

5glavinia said

at 4:33 pm on Apr 20, 2010


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