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Alessandra's 3 minute fiction

Page history last edited by 5galessandra 14 years, 3 months ago

The mysterious Noise From The Walls


Marcus is not a silly eleven year old boy. He is very calm but has very low grades in his boarding school. He always thought he wasn't a very good student until he found out there was an invisible rat that detested when students laughed, in his classroom walls. He had no idea how a rat could get there, even if there wasn't a hole in the school. Anyway, It all started when Marcus heard a chewing noise coming from the walls. He had no idea what it could be.So he decided to stay after school to try to investigate. He hid in the bathroom and waited until everybody went to bed. Marcus went into the classroom and listened. The whole room was as silent as if nobody was left on earth. Then he heard it ,the chewing noise coming from the walls. There was a fly that was bothering him. Marcus got an Oxford dictionary and killed the fly. The chewing noise got louder and louder. A cold shiver went down Marcus' body. If the noise got louder and louder the others would hear him and find him! Marcus had 2 options on his mind: 1. Find something to crash the wall with before somebody came. 2. Get back to bed and pretend nothing happened. Unfortunately, He chose the first choice because he really wanted to know what the noise was. So Marcus tricked himself and got a broomstick and started to bang the wall. It broke immediately! In the hole Marcus saw a plant and started to laugh hard. A screeching noise came from the hole, and Marcus saw a rat appear on top of the plant, so he knew that, that was the rat that was causing students to fail their tests! He had read that a certain rat existed. So he got a shoe-box and trapped the rat inside! He went to the living room and to the fire place and pressed the button to make a fire and threw the box with the rat in it. The box was burning alright, but suddenly the rat zoomed to his left. He wasn't expecting it but he suddenly started laughing a bit, and then a little bit more every second. Before he new it he was laughing so hard he couldn't breath! Marcus heard the rat squeaking and then it exploded. That was when he stopped laughing because he noticed the rat was dead. Now the students will have better chances to not fail their tests! The door opened and teachers came in! Marcus was in deep trouble!!


Comments (3)

David Guarnieri said

at 7:11 pm on Apr 10, 2010

Good job Alessandra. Your story reminded me a bit of the Spiderwick Chronicles. How did the boy see the rat and catch him if he was invisible?

5galessandra said

at 10:53 pm on Apr 10, 2010

because the rat turns visible when he hears laughter... I should have explained better...though I admit I'm better at writing poems than writing stories.

5galessandra said

at 6:56 pm on Apr 13, 2010

I did think of the Spiderwick Chronicles at first but then I changed the idea........did I do any mistakes?

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