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Ludovica--- Three Minute Fiction

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A nice memory...



   One evening about six months ago, I was watching a movie on the television with my mother, my father and my sister. It was a science fiction about a scientist who did lots of experiments trying to teleporting living things.

   Unfortunately during an experiment, a fly entered in his machine and all went wrong, since the scientist was transformed into half a man and half a fly. He was desperate because day after day he was changing into a monster, for this, he decided to die in order to prevent any kind of danger to his family. So he asked his wife to kill him.

   At the beginning she didn’t accept, but when she realized that they didn’t had any other way out she took the hardest decision in her life: she decided to kill the man that she truly loved.     He went under a press machine and she pushed a big red button to crush him to death.  

  It was actually quite an horrible scene because there were bits and pieces of the scientist flying everywhere…

   At that point, my mother that gets easily frightened, didn’t want to watch the movie anymore. We all convinced her to stay with us saying that it was only a fiction.

   The scientist, or better the strange thing died, and everything seemed to return normal like it was before but…

  One day while the wife was sitting on a bench in the garden she heard from a near plant an inhuman cry: “Help, help, help!”

   It was the fly that got inside the scientist’s machine and ruined his life!

I have to say that the insect was really disgusting! It was transforming in something really dreadful, this because it was half a fly and half a man…

It looked like a small white and black thing, with wings, that even talked… bleah!

   My mother nearly fainted on that scene! We all laughed at her, but she got angry telling us we didn’t care about her feelings!

From that evening, we decided with my sister and my father to make a trick to her, a trick that we still do sometimes…

When she is distracted and she doesn’t expect anything, we imitate the strange voice of the fly shouting: Help, help! It’s funny to see her looking around with a disgusted face and then realizing it’s us making fun of her… again!


 Now the only thing that I am afraid of, is that my mother could get a revenge on me because I’m the one that laughed the most about her being scared of the fly!

Comments (1)

David Guarnieri said

at 9:28 am on Apr 13, 2010

Good story Ludovica! Interesting use of the key words. I will never look at a fly the same way again!

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