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Threeminute fiction

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Luca Three-minute fiction


I was by myself at my house when a strange call arrived, at first I thought it was a trick, unfortunately it wasn’t! No one answered but I could hear a strange noise. I was about to hung up the phone, then finally I heard a voice .It was my friend James; he quickly said to help him because strange people got him and now he was in Pompeii he asked me again with great urgence to help him.


I quickly ran out of my house and went to the airport, I asked for the first flight to Naples. It was six-thirty-seven pm and the next flight was at seven pm. Meanwhile I waited for the airplane, I checked if I had the things I needed in my bag. I checked and there were all thins I needed; I also found a small button, a greyish button.


The airplane arrived at the airport and after twenty minutes we started flying in the sky in the airplane. In the airplane there were just a few people, approximately eleven people. After an hour and thirty minuets we arrived and I hired a taxi I called James, but no-one answered; but after ten minuets a text message arrived at my cell phone. It said that he was on mount Vesuvius and in twenty-four hours they (the chiefs) were going to throw him in Vesuvius. It was late and I was becoming tiered. The taxi arrived at Pompeii and the taxi-man asked me twenty euro. I realized his request and went forward to Vesuvius . It was very dark and Pompeii seemed abandoned! I first looked up to Vesuvius but I couldn’t see nothing so I took the torch from my bag and turned it on.

I took a rope and started climbing the Vesuvius. I had the feeling of looking down, but if I listened to my heart this time I would be very, very scared, so this time I listened to my mind. While I was climbing I heard a voice, but not a clear voice, it sounded like it was covered!


When I finally arrived at the top of mount Vesuvius I walked very carefully to the voice and it was always more nearer. Finally I saw who was screaming, it was James! I was very happy to see him, I untied him all the ropes that he had on his body and he said to me that we quickly needed to run away silently, if not the chiefs could hear or see us. We immediately ran away but my foot got stuck in a plant, so I got a knife and untied the plant from my foot and moved away.


Since it was late we went to sleep in an hotel and the day after we took a taxi to Naples. After one hour of travel by taxi we arrived to destination. We called the police and explained what happened to us and described the story of the chiefs, the James’ kidnapping and we waited to talk to the judge. He calm down us by inviting us to remember every little thing that could help the policy to recognize and arrest the robbers. The judge showed us any photos of local robbers but James never found which one could be the possible responsible.


At the end of a long journey James proposed to me, to eat a pizza so we went to a typical pizzeria of Naples where we ate lunch we both headed home and I thought that I would always be ready to help my friends…

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