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Pompeii Activity Guide

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Pompeii Activity Guide



1.    Your group will prepare a presentation for your site at Pompeii highlighting the concepts of form, function and connection. Like in Ostia, you should have interactive questions to engage your audience (prepared on note cards).



2.   Your group will do research to create two pages of a guide book about your site and the way people lived in Pompeii. The two pages should be in landscape form. The pages will be for taking notes, displaying facts and completing an activity about your site (see list below of possible choices).



·      Crossword puzzle

·      Multiple choice quiz

·      Word Find

·      Word scramble

·      Matching game

·      Draw a picture

·      Object search

·      Shopping game

·      Definitions

·      Other ideas?



3.   Your pages should contain all of the following elements:

                  I.   Site name

                II.   Picture of site

              III.   Floor plan diagram

               IV.   Form, Function and Connection notes section

                 V.   Activity area


    4. Your notes and pages should be complete by March 30. 


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