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other short quiz

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                                                   short quiz

1. What sickness does Timothy have?

a. A cold.

b. Pneumonia.

c. Cancer.

d. Diabeties.


2. What did the owl tell Mrs Frisby to do?

a. Break the plow.

b. Wrap Timothy in blankets when you move.

c. Go to Mr Ages.

d. Go to the rats and ask for Nicodemus.


3. Who is Mr Ages?

a. A friend.

b. A docter.

c. A rat.

d. A and C


4.What is the crows name?  

a. Toby

b. Jeremy

c. Justin

d. Dragon


5. What is the farmers name?

a. Mr Fitzgibbons

b. Mr Thomas

c. Mr Frisby

d. Mrs Viola

                                short quiz 


Question 1: Who was guarding the entrance of the rosebush?

a. Necodemus

b. Justin

c. Brutus

d. Dragon


Question 2: Who was Isabella?

a. A young rat who was learning how to read.

b. A full grown rat who was in the library.

c. A baby rat who was wondering around around. 

d. A very brave and astute rat.


Question 3: Which thing did the owl tell Mrs. Frisby to remember?

a.  Dragon

b. The plough

c. To the lee side of the stone

d. The rosebush


Question 4: What did Timothy notice about moving day being soon?

a. The air

b. The smell of melting frost

c. People talking

d. His mum going outside


Question 5: Who was Dragon?

a. The rats best friend

b. The birds' companion

c. The guardian of the plough

d. Mr. Fitzgibbon's pet 


1. How do the rats get out of their cages?


a. There was an earthquake, the cages fell and broke 

b.They tried to sqeeze between the bars.

c. The scientiests wanted to be nice and let them free.

d. When they learned how to read, the rats figure out how to open the cage.


2. What do the rats guess the Toy Tinker man died of? 

a. pneumonia

b. heart attack

c. cancer

d. He drowned in quicksand.


3. What was the first word the scientists tried to teach the rats?


a. cat

b. rat

c. tree

d. house


4. What was the cause of the death of the six mice in the lab?


a. They were too light and where blown away by the pump that pulled air.

b. Spikes went through the air duct and killed the 6 mice.

c. They were killed by the window's glass.

d. Six rats fought with 6 mice and all the mice died.


5. What do you think NIMH stands for?


a. Nobody Is My Hero

b. National Institution of Mental Health

c. Nickel Metal Hydride Batteries

d. Nice Images Make Happiness


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