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Chapters 22-28

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Chapters 22-28


1.etimynad = dynamite

2.noitazilivic = civilization

3.wohsedils = slideshow

4.berrub = rubber

5.dexelf = flexed

6.rofminu = uniform

7.lalrevoc = coverall

8.ylilhc = chilly

9.derlad = ladder

10.sretrauqdeh = headquarters

11.dezinachem = mechanized

12.chentr = trench

13.lnisgpas = saplings

14.ckhttie = thicket

15.serspa = sparse

16.egarsot =  storage

17.seroshub = rosebush

18.ybaklcbrrye = blackberry

19.tcvana = vacant

20.frlatpom = platform




1. Where did the rats move  at the end of the book ?

a. The toy tinkers house

b. The forest

c. Thorn Valley

d. The Boniface estate


2. What kind of gas did the exterminators use to try to kill the rats ?

a. Chicken gas

b. Cyanide gas

c. Rose gas

d. Blade gas


3. Who was trying to stop the rats from movi

a. Mouseman

b. The shrew

c. Mr. Frisby

a. A and C


4. Where is Mrs. Frisby put after her capture ?

a. In Dragon's mouth

b. In a bird's cage

c. In the exterminator's truck

d. In a rat's cage


5. Who does Teresa think went back into the rats lair to sve others from the gas and got killed ?

a. Nicodemus

b. A cow

c. Brutus

d. Justin





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