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project malika

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1. Write the sequel about Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH include Martin going to Thorn Valley and what happens to Justin ?



Mrs Frisby and the rats of NIMH 2


     Mrs.Frisby crept out of her summer house as a fresh, cool breeze greeted her. She looked around cautiously looking at the trees for something suspiscious. That's when she noticed the leaves were turning orange and red! This was the sign of autumn, which meant that the Frisbies would have to move to their cinder block in Mr.Fitzgibbons farm, because the food would start becoming scarce.


     Mrs.  Frisby scurried through the lengthy grass. The dew made her fur moist. Soon she was back at her home. (She had strolled out quite far from her house) . "Children" called Mrs Frisby as Martin, Teresa, Timothy and Cynthia came hurrying towards their mother. "What is it mother" asked Martin. "We will be moving tomorow" said Mrs Frisby. "To our winter home in the farm?""Oh mother, then we can ask Jeremy to fly us to thorn Valley?"asked Timothy.


     Martin, Teresa, Timothy and Cynthia were running ahead and playing gleefully, while Mrs. Frisby was strolling along cautiously. She was keeping a close eye on the children. Soon the children aproached a dark wood and stopped suddenly. They never entered these woods without their mother. Timothy looked over his shoulder to see where his mother was. She was walking faster since the children got to the woods.


     Mrs Frisby was pulling of the cover of the tunnel to her house when a lot of dust flew in her face. "This house needs some cleaning" said Mrs Frisby dramaticly. As soon as the Frisby's setled in they started cleaning. Timothy found a long shiny ribbon and brought it with him outside to find Martin. "Hey Martin" called Timothy "do you want to start your plan?" Cynthia and Teresa overheard what they were planing to do. "Can I come too" asked Cynthia. "No Cynthia"said Timothy. Teresa said"but I'm going."


     That same day Timothy, Martin and Teresa put the shiny ribbon in the sun, while Cynthia was stubbornly watching. Jeremy actually came. He was flying write at the ribbon when he noticed Timothy, Martin and Teresa and Cynthia in the background? Abruptly Jeremy changed direction and flew towards the children. At first Martin didn't notice until Jeremy almost landed on top of him."Oh Jeremy, we were expecting you" said Teresa. Cyntia came storming up to them and said to her siblings" lets do it the easy way" at this Cynthia then turned to Jeremy and in a kinder tone said "They want you to fly them to Thorn Valley to find the rats and they won't let me come." Jeremy told Cynthia. "That was a good choice of them"  "Why" said Cynthia and almost started crying. "Because it's a dangerouse flight" Cynthia yelled. "Then why can they go" "Maybe they wanted you to take care of your mother."answered Jeremy "Okay then when the sun is sinking I shall meet you on the stone" said Jeremy. This last part was meant for Timothy, Martin and Teresa.


     That night Timothy kept looking outside, when he saw the sun starting to sink  he crept out of bed very quietly an tiptoed all the way to Martin's bed and shook him awake. Martin nodded and tiptoed to the door while Timothy woke Teresa. Together they crept otside and walked towards the big stone. It was dangerous to be out at night. There would be owls and lots of other enemies. Jeremy was waiting onthe rock for them. "Yo're late" he whispered "No yo're early" snaped Martin as he climed up the crows wing. Timothy followed him. He reached Jeremy's back even before Martin, and stuck out his hand to help his brother. Martin was very jealous of Timothy and gave him a mean look and climbed on Jeremy's back witout help. Then Timothy helped Teresa, she took his offer and let herself be pulled up.


     Soon they rose from the ground. Teresa carefully whispered to Timothy "what is wrong with him" "who" asked Timothy."Martin of course" she answered. Timothy just shrugged. "So you enjoying your flight "asked Jeremy. "Uh hu" Martin answered. Jeremy was talking to them but they werent listening. Teresa was fast asleep and the sun had almost disapeared. Martin was dozzing of and Timothy was left alone with Jermey who was still chatting to himself. Timothy felt tiered, he could barely keep his eyes open. He musn't sleep he kept saying to himself. Who would be there to take care of them?


     Timothy fell asleep as they arrived at the mountains which hid thorn Valley. Now it was already morning and Teresa and Martin would wake up any minute now. Timothy was standing in Thorn Valley all the rats where crowded aroun him and cheering"Timmy, Timmy, Timmy, his mother and family were watching him to.  He was a hero what did he do? He didn't know!! THUMP!!! Timothy woke up with a start. Where was his family where were the Rats all he saw was his sister and brother and that crow Jeremy. Now evrything came back to him. Evrything that happened last night.


     "Timmy are you awake?" Timothy was thinking abot so much he didn't even hear his brother talking. "Timmy please listen" Timothy opened his mouth to speak "I'm awake, I'm awake calm down.""Where are the rats?" Martin sighed "planning to go back to NIMH" Timothy looked like he was paralyzed "NIMH, they tried to escape and now their going back!"Timothy yelled "Timmy wait I'll explain, The rats including Nicodemus think that the two rats who got captured are still alive but captured. They say that they just fainted" Timmy turned around "which rats are those two?" Martin and Teresa looked so sad. "Justin"they all said together. "Justin and Isabella." Timothy looked shocked "didn't the rats say that Isabella couldn't stay" said Timothy."yes But she still went" said Martin


     A rat was walking towards them. Nicodemus was close behind. The rat anounced "we are sorry to say that you will have to leave soon, we are leaving in a week to go to NIMH. " Timothy emidiatly complained "no, we have a right to come with you, our father was part of NIMH. We can read too. "Nicodemus was looking at him sturnnly which made timothy stop his speech and look at his feet." Sorry sir" he said. "we'll give you somthing to eat on your way back so you don't starve" Nicodemus stoped him"This boys words are strong and all true. Would you like to come with us Timmy" Timothy looked up abruptly and couldn't help smiling. "Yo're insane" said another rat that was working near by and overheard the conversation. "Ofcourse I want to go come on Martin come on Teresa." Teresa was shivering and Martin spoke up for her "I don't think Teresa wants to go" Timothy looked down at his feet and said "I geuse she should go back" alerted Teresa looked up" I don't want to leave alone please come with me." This made Timothy even more upset "I'll go and come back here tomorow. If I don't I'll send a message." With this he and Teresa climbed back on Jeremy  and were on there way home.


     "Come along I'll show you the city and we'll start with some lessons." Timothy obediently followed. "What will you teach me" he asked. "All sorts of stuff" Nicodemus said. "Like what" asked Timothy? He had always wanted to know what the rats taught their children."Reading, writing and alot of diffrent things. Nicodemus and Timothy were passing fields and fields of plants, evrything Timothy could think of. There were rats cutting down corn, pulling carrots out of the ground and picking fruit from tree's.It was the most amazing thing Timothy had ever seen.


      Timothy was was trying to keep questions out of his mind when there was a knock on his door. A rat walked inside and said to Timothy "we have a first lesson for you now" Timothy jumped out of bed and was heading for the door when the rat blocked his way. "Not so fast my boy promise to follow instructions."said the rat and let Timothy go.Outside were a group of rats waiting for him. Timothy followed the rats outside to a barn that was nearby. "Oh great the cat is here" said a rat "I thought you didn't want to steal" said Timothy. "We don't this is ours, the cat just somtimes stays here hopping to catch us" said the same rat "We'll need a gaurd" said another. "Timothy stay gaurd. If the cat wakes up blow this whistle" said the rat handing him the whistle.


     "Why do I have to stand gaurd" said Timohy to himself. " It's so unfair, I'm suposed to be going with the rats to NIMH. Timothy sat down. He heard a noize. Timothy took a rock out of his pocket and held it in his hand. Timothy dropped the whistle and as he walked forward he stepped on the whistle. It broke in half! Oh it didn't mater he would fight rather than use the whistle. The rustling grew louder the closer he got. A head popped out of a garbagecan and Timmothy screamed. "the animal was another mouse she jumped out of the garbage and said "what are you doing here." Timothy was so startled he couldn't speak. Eventually he said"I am here with the rats."I was looking for the rats" said the girl "whats your name"asked Timothy. "My name is Jenny, whats yours?" asked the girl. "Timothy but you can call me Timmy"said Timothy.


     "Timmy don't you ever listen, you said you would"said a rat."I'm sorry" said Timothy. He had not listened. The cat had awoken and the rats had to run away. Jenny said suddenly "The mice said that if ever one of us should escape we should find you. The mice are at NIMH and somthing bad is going to happen. Nobody knows what" Nicodemus said "but the mice got blown away they are dead." Jenny felt like screaming just because that what they thought it didn't mean it was true. "No when the got blown away they landed in a storage room. They were in pain so they didn't try to escape. The night when they were about to escape the NIMH scientest found them and they were captured" Nicodemus thought this over "but how did you know about Thorn Valley" a mouse in a cage next to mine was talking about it. He said that he had a brother there who would be coming to NIMH in a week to rescue two rats. As I told you, he said that if anyone of us should escape we should go to the rats and ask for help. Will you help them."said Jenny. Timothy was taking a piece of partchment out of a bag and was rereading it."that still doesn't explain how you found us"said a rat. "well when I escaped I saw a crow. He said he knew were thorn valley was and dropped me of"said Jenny. "Jeremy" whispered Timothy "yes that was his name I think." Jenny said. "And the mouse is Martin"said Timothy. " I think that might be his name."said Jenny. "He's my brother."said Timothy


     "Oh can't they hurry up deciding"groaned Jenny. "Whats taking them so long? we'll never make it in time." There were foot steps coming closer. And the rats appeared. Jenny said "the answer is no right." She started running away. The rats let her pass because she got blocked by another rat. Timothy tried getting away but he got caught to." We can't let anyone know about Thorn Valley." said a rat. "I need to save my brother"cried Timothy. The rats brought Timothy and Jenny to a little house and locked the door. Now they were prisoners." I've got to save my parents"wailled Jenny. "I thought Thorn Valley was paidise not prison" said Timothy. Jenny started collecting some rags that were in a bascket and tied them together. Next Jenny picked up the now extremely long  rope of rags and climbed out of the window onto the roof. "Hey what are you doing" yelled Timothy from inside the window. "Shush you'll wake the rats and I'll get caught" whispered Jenny. "But where are you going?"asked Timothy. "Timmy i'm going to save my parents."said Jenny. "you mean we" answered Timmy. "If you shut up. you can come" with this Jenny climbed down the long rope and Timothy slid down instead.


     The rats started waking up and running outside. "RUN" she yelled. She started running toward the mountains and Timothy followed. The two mice were running beside a river. Jenny bumped into a big rat and Timothy into her. The rat reached out to grab them when Timothy instructed "jump"and jumped into the river. Jenny did the same and the rats missed her by a centemeter. Timothy's head appeared above the water followed by Jenny. The two of them started swimming. A bunch of rats was waiting for them on the brige reaching out to catch them.


     "Gotcha" said the rat that almost stopped them as he pulled his hand out of the water. In his hand were two old shoes with leaves as ears. "So you missed them"sid Nicodemus. "sorry sir" said the large rat. "never mind evryone makes mistakes." answered Nicodemus. "never mind never mind you really are insane."said a rat.  It was the rat who called Nicodemus insane earlier.


     "Is this really NIMH Jeremy?"asked Timothy. "it's NIMH from the sky alright" Jeremy answered. "It look's even worse than before"said Jenny in a whisper. Jeremy landed right infront of the gate. Jenny slid of Jeremy's and craled through a crack in the fence. "Wait wait" called timothy as he clumsily jumped of Jeremy and landed on his knee's. When Timothy looked up Jenny was out of sight. "Jenny wait were are you" yelled Timothy. "shhh" whispered Jenny. Jenny was talking to Jeremy and giving strikt instructions. "come on lets go."said Jenny atlast.


     "How do we get up there?"asked Timothy. Jenny was looking around for anything useful. Can't that kid shutup and do somthing useful, thought Jenny. There, a grappling hook. "Timmy help me." Together Tmothy and Jenny lifted the metal hook and threw it through the big oval window. The hook came flying back down. Timothy automaticlly moved away. "Let's try again" whispered Timothy. The grapling hook went higher and higher and through the window. Then it came tumbling down again. "It's no use"said Jenny with a sigh as she sat down. "One last time"said Timothy. Once again the hook came flieing back down and hit the floor almost squashing Timothy. Timmy sat down and looked at the window, and the area around it.


     "I've got it" yelled  Timothy. Jenny jumpped. "you see next to the window is a piep were water comes out. The piep dosen't reach to the floor but the space inbetween  is about the size of one of us standing on the others shoulder. So you lift me and I tie that rope to that hole in the bottom."said timothy. "It's called a grappling hook"said Jenny. "whatever, then we both climb up the rope and on top of the pipe until that ledge uderneath the window. Then we, well we first have to gnaw a piece of that rope and carry it with us. Then on person stands on the others shoulder and climbs up. The one who goes up first will hold the rope so the other can climb up."said Timothy out of breath."great lets start"sighed Jenny.


      So while Timothy gnawed part of the rope Jenny ran through the plan. "I'm done"said Timothy. So he clambered on Jenny's shoulders and tied the rope through the hole, and clambered ontop of the piep. Jenny followed climbing up the rope the to the piep. Timothy was just above the ledge when he let go, Jenny did the same. When the two mice got under the window Jenny climbed on Timothy's shoulder. "I can't reach"cried jenny.  "I'll try" said timothy.


     The two of them got inside climbing the rope. "there were animals in cages evrywhere.  "I think the mice are in here"said Jenny. She crept into the room and upto a large cage holding 7 mice. "Mum dad!!" Jenny cried. "Timothy, what are you doing here" said Martin. "coming to rescue you, what else"said Timothy. "So how do we open these cages, there are no instructions"said Timothy. "They won't make that mistake again."said one of the mice. " So your name is Timothy" said another. "but where are the rats" said another. "they didn't wan't to come" said Jenny. "why did you bring him then? "said Jenny's dad. "Do you remember Jonathan Frisby and mr Ages."asked Jenny. "Yes but htis can't be Jonathan or Mr Ages"said the dad. "No I am Jonathan Frisby's son" said Timothy.


     "Cats, cats"cried Jenny's mom. To late the cats had grabed them. Timothy tried to hide. "Don't hide my little one" said one of the cats and grabbed him. "Tasty" said the cat. "Lets go"said the other. Dr Shults was siting on a high chair. "Mice" said Dr Schults. The cats dropped them and Dr Shults picked them up and put each in a diffrent cage.


     Timothy sat in his cage thinking. He was playing with the stick he always kept in his pocket. He jumped up took his stick and a pocket kinfe from his pocket. Done, the stick was sharp. He stood up and went to the hinges of the cage door. He stuck the sharp point through the cage and stuck the point underneath the hinge and pulled upwards. The hinge popped out ad flew against te elevator button. The cage was tilted and there was a crack just big enough for him to fit through. He walked up to a desk with the keys and pulled them of. Then Timothy went to Jenny and opened her cage. The cats appeared behind them. Timothy gave the keys to Jenny and said "get the others I'll get rid of them."


      Timothy took a slingshot from his pocket and took the hinge from the floor. He aimed for the fire alarm button and shot. He put the slingshot back in his pocket and hid behind a big box. Dr Schults and the assistants came in the room. "Pick up the cats and lets go." said Dr Schults. They all hurried out of the room and none of them noticed the cages were open and empty.


     Timothy met Jenny in the room where the mice were. Jenny was still looking for the right key when Timothy came in. "Use this said Timothy" as he hande Jenny the pointy stick. She saw how Timothy open his cage and helped the mice. "We should save Justin and Isabella"said Timothy. "Justin" said a mouse. "Yes he's here" said Martin he fainted in the rosebush because of the gas. "That's a different story"said Timothy. He followed the signs leading to rats. Finally they saved Justin and Isabella.


     "How do we get back"asked Justin. "Where is Jeremy"asked Timothy. "he won't be able to fly us all back will he."said Martin. "he could take us in two turns" said Jenny. "How do we find him?"asked Martin. While he said this Jeremy swooped down. He had been waiting. "wow its more than I thought"said Jeremy. The first load was Timothy, Martin, Jenny, Justin, and Jenny's parents. Then Jeremy flew back to get the rest.


     Next there was the big Ceremony that Timothy had dreamed. "Would you like to stay with us"asked Justin to the six lost mice and Jenny. Then he asked Mrs Frisby and the children. So Mrs Frisby, Martin, Teresa, Timothy and Cynthia lived in Thorn Valley.

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David Guarnieri said

at 12:34 pm on Feb 28, 2010

Great sequel Malika! You use excellent descriptions and dialog. I liked how you brought the missing mice back into the story. I think with a bit of polishing and editing you would really have a solid sequel to the Rats of NIMH!

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