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Chapters 8-14

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Chapters 8-14:



SETTING:  Describe where the rats live.    

     The rats live under a rosebush in Mr. Fitzgibbons farm. They live under ground all together. There is an entrance that is guarded by either a rat named Justin or one named Brutus. They have a hallway,a main hall, an elevator, library, storage room and many other places and things. The hallway is a long passage that leads to all the other rooms. When you come through the entrance it leads to the hallway. There are lights on the walls, covered with stained glass that the women rats made out of different coloured glass bottles. There is a long carpet that is on the floor in the hallway. In the Library there are lots of books and older rats teach younger rats to read. The storage room is where all the rats put things that they collect on the farm.Pieces of wire, light bulbs etc. The main hall is where everything happens. There are rats running around everywhere. And to get everwhere the rats use their elevator.  


PLOT:  What was the most important event that happened in chapters 8-14? Explain why?    

     I think the most important event that happened in the chapters 8-14 is when Mrs Frisby went to see the rats. I think it is most important because the rats are a big contribution to the story. When Mrs Frisby meets the rats and they agree to help her many other secrets unfold. The fourteenth chapter I think is very important, when Nicodemus starts to tell the story of the rats . Because the continuing chapters explain a lot; Why the rats know how to read, write and why they have all this knowledge other farm animals don't. It also starts to give hints to how MrFrisby and Mr Ages have a connection to the rats.          


CHARACTERS:  Which character do you think is similar to you? Why?    

     I think I am kind of like Justin because I am friendly, I make friends easily and I care about other peoples feelings. As soon as Justin met MrsFrisby he acted as if he had known her forever(make friends easily). He talked to her and was friendly. In the upcoming chapters Justin shows that he cares for other rats.           


AUTHORS LANGUAGE: On page 77, Justin describes something as "...like picking fruit." What is he referring to when he says this? Can you create your own simile using "as" or "like" to describe something? 

     When Justin describes something as "l...like picking fruit", he was refering to stealing the light-bulbs of Christmas lights. The rats had gone and taken a few from the pine trees, where Mr. Fitzgibbons son's had put the up for Christmas.





Question 1: Who was guarding the entrance of the rosebush?

a. Nicodemus  

b. Justin  

c. Brutus  

d. Dragon      


Question 2: Who was Isabella?  

a. A young rat who was learning to read

b. A full grown rat who was in the library  

c. A baby rat who was wondering around.  

d. A very brave an astute rat      


Question 3: Which thing did the owl tell Mrs. Frisby to remember?  

a. Dragon

b. The plow   

c. To the lee of the stone  

d. The rosebush   


Question 4: What did Timothy notice about moving day being soon?  

a. The air  

b. The smell of melting frost  

c. People talking  

d. His mum going outside   


Question 5: Who was Dragon?

a. The rats' best friend   

b. The birds' companion  

c. The guardian of the plow  

d. Mr Fitzgibbons pet


Samira NIMH Work 

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Excellent work!

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Your answers are very complete and full of interesting details! Good job!

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