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Lavinia NIMH Work

Page history last edited by 5glavinia 14 years, 2 months ago

Vocabulary Game 1-7



2.rynovesu nerveusly

3.rcasec scare

4.lcrfaue carefully

5.asrreeu reasure

6.dmrteleb dremble

7.slraiefns frailness

8.lopsw plow

9.vdnncceoi convinced














Literary Elements 8-14


SETTING:  Describe where the rats live.


the rats live in a rose bush


PLOT:  What was the most important event that happened in chapters 8-14? Explain why?


CHARACTERS:  Which character do you think is similar to you? Why?

i think jeremy is more like me because when someone helps me i really want to help them back so i tell them how to contact me just how jeremy did with mrs frisby.

AUTHORS LANGUAGE:  Find a simile or metaphor from chapters 8-14? Write down the simile or metaphor with the page number and describe what you think it means. How does this type of literary devise add to the story?



  Discussion Questions       22-28        



  1. Do you think its a bad idea to put a mouse in a bird cage?


yes, i think that if you put any animal in a cage is a bad idea because they would feel really scard and immagin if you were put in a bird cage i would'nt think you'd like it.  




2. If you were Mrs. Frisby how would you escape from the cage?


i would let my self see by the cat and he would jump and pull a bit open yhe bars of the cage then the peaple who live in the house would see the cat put the cage up were it was and then when she go's away i would finish yo open the bars and run away.  




 3.When the rats took the motors from the truck (toy tinker) what do you think they used the motors for?


i think they used the motors for making lights an ellevator,and other eletric sstuff for there house. 


  4. Who do you think the rat was who was dead in the rats' lair? What did he do?

i think it was justin who who got killed by the rats lair. but he saved someone that was stuck there. 


  5 Do you think it was the NIMH scientists who killed the rats in thier house? If not, who else could it be?

i dont think it was the nimh scientist who killed the rats house but mr fitzgibben and another person who killed rats.





6. Do you think the rats will be successful when they move to Thorn Valley?

no i dont think they will be that successful to move at thorn valley but they did for a good reason.














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David Guarnieri said

at 12:47 pm on Feb 28, 2010

Lavinia, you need to go back and complete the vocabulary and quiz sections. Please also go back and finish the missing questions from the Literary Elements section and capitalize the word "I" and add punctuation where necessary. You can do better!

David Guarnieri said

at 5:37 pm on Mar 7, 2010

Still missing the above work!

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