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Story Starter

Page history last edited by David Guarnieri 14 years, 5 months ago

Camilla wrote the first chapter as a story starter below. If you would like to write the next chapter, add a link with the chapter number to a new page and watch the story grow!


 This story has to be kept a secret.

No one should know.

You are going to discover why.


Chapter 1


Mr. Sarcastic Man


“ Mark, you must have something important to say giving the fact that you are disturbing my class”. The teacher was really elegant that day. We all new why. She had a date with the most hateful, mean and arrogant person in the world: the director of the school!

“Yes, there is”. I said looking down at my boots, but with a grin planted on my face.

“Ya being sarcastic, Marky?” asked Lilly. And then gave a high five to Jennifer.

I turned around. Apparently I was too shocked to talk.

“You ain't have words, don't ya!” Lilly continued “Ya think that being sarcastic makes ya funny? Mr. Sarcastic Man, tell me you ain't think that.”

“That's enough, Linda, thank you, but I can talk for myself,” said the teacher “and you, Mark, don't make me change that 10+ to a 5-.”

“ Wow, Mark 10+er. You have good votes to hold on to.” I hated my friends when they talked to me like that “Oh, too embarrassed to speak.”

“ Listen, Mr. Know it all, you ain't gone higher than a 4 in your life” Lilly?!? Did she just defend me?

“ You don't talk to the boy like that, it's my job.”

“ Stop. Guys... Stop.” the teacher said “I want to continue the lesson. So, today we are going to start working on a new subject. You are now in 5th grade and are getting ready for the exams. You are going to write an article. You decide. After school go home or take a walk in your neighborhood. Find something and write it down You have 2 weeks.”

I looked over at Lilly. Now she looked calm as if waiting for someone.

“ Sorry to interrupted, but do you remember that today the bell doesn't ring? That today we get out of school at 15:30? And that hour has past 15 minutes ago.”

“ Oh, yes. You can go.” the teacher said “ And to the people who disturbed the, 50 words more than the others.”

As we walked out of the class, I caught Lilly's eye. She still looked thoughtful. But she walked towards me.

“Aren't you gonna tell me something?” she asked

“ Like what?” I asked with a low voice

“ Thank you, Lilly, for having defended me...” 

“Don't remember. Short memory.'


“I have to go home. See you tomorrow.”

“Mark. Why are you acting like this?”

“Please, please, just forget about it. Thank you, you wanted to hear that? Thanks.”

“Okay!” Lilly said and then walked away with a face which seemed sad to me.

“Look, Lilly, I didn't want to be mean or anything. It's just...you...well...you surprised me..”

Just before she was about to open the door and leave,  Lilly said in a slow and soft voice without turning around: “Really, it's okay. You weren't mean.

She stopped. I had the sensation she wanted me to say something, but what.

“Bye. I have to go.” Lilly said and ran away.

All the way home I kept thinking about Lilly. I seemed as if she had placed a spell on me. But more importantly I kept asking myself why she was such in a hurry. Was she running away from me or did she have to meet someone???


Chapter 2 

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5gtim said

at 5:13 pm on Feb 19, 2010

Nice chapter Camilla. I would like to write the second chapter but no time. Going skiing!!! HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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